Holley’s book is a sage mentor between easy-to-access pages. The book contains fun and practical exercises, clever challenges, and attainable and aspirational case studies to help the reader build confidence, and find their personal style and best selves.  What a joyful way to find your authentic and most confident voice!

—Anne Marie Burgoyne, Managing Director of Social Innovation, Emerson Collective

The essential field guide to owning your story. Holley does a masterful job in leading the reader down a systematic path of crafting their story while keeping it real. This book is not for the faint of heart. This is about the journey of unlocking the power and potential of ourselves through our own words.

—Vinitha Watson, Founder & Executive Director, Zoo Labs

Holley Murchison has shown me the way to communicate stronger in a hyper-connected and extremely isolated time, properly who I am.  In an age of polymaths and disdain for braggadocio, this book is the key.

—Mark Brand, CEO, MB Inc./A Better Life Foundation

Tell me about yourself. A seemingly innocent yet challenging question that can send the unprepared into a fidget-ridden verbal spew of consciousness. First impressions matter and in Tell Me About Yourself Holley Murchison lays the framework for articulating the most important story you will ever tell; the story of you. This isn't your ordinary public speaking book, it's derived from thoughtful lessons Holley has learned from successfully drawing even the most apprehensive visionaries from their shell.

—Tonya Rapley, CEO, My Fab Finance

In Tell Me About Yourself, Holley shares insights on how to step up and into one's own voice with clarity and strength. This book gracefully guides the reader through a journey of discovery while providing the space and pace needed to gather and coordinate the power that drives each individual's story.  

—Elyzabeth Holford, Founding Senior Executive, Digital Living Research Center, Aarhus University, Denmark

No one has to suffer through the awkward tongue-tying and oftimes confronting “first impression.” If you are looking for a tool that gets right to the heart of the matter, Tell Me About Yourself is your swiss army knife.  It is the most powerful contribution to public speaking in this era of avatars and profiles - providing readers with an analysis of self that can be shaped into a colloquial masterpiece.

—Sallomé Hralima, Executive Dream Director, The Future Project

I have long believed that great teachers are performance coaches, and there is no better example of this than Holley Murchison.  In “Tell Me About Yourself,” Holley not only helps the reader unearth his or her voice, but recognizes that the leaders of the 21st century will be storytellers.

—Dave Lynn Gould, Administrator, Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development, Honor’s faculty at The University of Iowa

A practical crash course in finding your inner voice and successfully communicating it. Tell Me About Yourself is the perfect blueprint for reinventing how you share your story and make sure the world understands who you are.

—Melissa Patenaude, Chief Experience Officer, FEWOFMANY