Holley M. Murchison is a dreamer and a doer, whose work as an education producer, entrepreneur, and strategist lies at the intersection of communication and culture, with a focus on amplifying marginalized voices to catalyze change. From radio hosting and youth development to project management and dream directing, she has over 15 years of experience working in unconventional leadership roles at K-12 schools, colleges, and companies across industries.

In 2015, she founded Oratory Glory, a human development agency producing collaborative learning experiences, formative events, and innovative products and tools that inspire and activate artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs to live outstanding lives.

Featured in Glamour Magazine, Publishers Weekly, and on Forbes.com, her work is particularly useful when considering the importance of applying assumedly “soft skills” to more traditional business spaces, and equips professionals with tools and actions to thrive in shared purpose while tailoring effective messaging online, in print, and in person.


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